“We offer a wide range of tailor made micro- and ultra-filtration membranes and modules.”

Customized filtration solutions

We produce a variety of micro- and ultra-filtration membranes and modules at their Erkrath facility near Düsseldorf. With focus on customized and optimized process engineering solutions that will meet your specific requirements.

CUT filtration modules – Made in Germany, used throughout the world.

T-CUT – Tubular modules for ultrafiltration
T-CUT – Tubular modules for ultrafiltration

CUT Membrane Technology is able to provide different cut-offs with their range of robust T-CUT tubular modules. The membranes are applied on high-quality support material and are particularly distinguished by their durable and long-lasting service lives.
T-CUT tubular modules can also be used in applications with extreme requirements thanks to the high stability of the membranes and the possibility of chemical cleaning.
Our FRP range of T-CUT tubular modules has successfully proven itself for many years throughout the world as the “standard product” of choice for separating / concentrating biomass in landfill leachate applications.

T-CUT Series
T-CUT CORE tubular modules for ultrafiltration as a replacement concept
T-CUT CORE tubular modules for ultrafiltration as a replacement concept

CUT Membrane Technology’s Core concept enables significant reductions in membrane replacement costs to be made.
A robust stainless steel pressure housing is combined with our interchangeable T-CUT Core membrane filtration elements when it is initially equipped. If a membrane replacement becomes due after several years, then the housing remains in the filtration system for further use and only the membrane CORE is actually replaced. Changing a membrane is a user-friendly process and it can be implemented with little effort in practice.
The Core concept combines the advantages of our tried and tested range of T-CUT UF tubular modules regarding stability and reliability with tangible economic and ecological benefits.
The open flow cross sections are particularly suitable for filtering media with a very high solid content.

T-CUT PP – Tubular modules for microfiltration

CUT provides their high-quality and extremely robust T-CUT PP range for microfiltration which has been especially designed for filtering abrasive media and applications under extreme conditions.
Extremely acidic or basic media in the 0 – 14 pH range cause no problems to our T-CUT PP modules, which makes them predestined for use in the chemical industry or in metal production and processing.
The T-CUT PP tubular modules are made exclusively from a single material (polypropylene) without using additionalpotting resins, which enables very durable and long-lasting service lives to be realized together with extremely robust mechanical stability. The symmetrically structured PP membranes are especially convincing where conventional compound membranes fail.

T-Cut PP