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Being an application specialist for wastewater treatment using cross-flow filtration means that we are able to offer you a huge amount of expertise in the use and production of membrane modules.
Our comprehensive ultra and microfiltration module portfolio is optimally complemented by the possibility of carrying out joint experimental laboratory or pilot scale testing of your specific processes.
Targeted, competent and customer-oriented.

We offer our customers a comprehensive module portfolio for their micro and ultrafiltration needs as well as global service and process support.

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New success story: the T-CUT Tubular Module for recycling of pickling acids

Processing and recycling pickling acids means an essential measure to reduce costs for chemicals, fresh water and waste disposal and significantly contributes to environmental protection and sustainability in metal processing.
With cross-flow microfiltration, suspended particles can be removed from the pickling acid effectively. The filtrate is recycled into the process – after additional cleaning steps, if necessary. Due to their high resistance against acids, caustics, and abrasive metal particles, T-CUT tubular modules by CUT are particularly suitable for this application.

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This videoclip features state of the art treatment of wastewater with ultrafiltration modules manufactured by CUT Membrane Technology GmbH. A clean and very efficient method to minimize the wastewater fraction which in this example emerges from a cottage resort relying on decentralized water and wastewater management. For more information on CUT MEMBRANE TECHNOLOGY and next level filtration products  please visit or just contact Christoph Dittrich, phone +49 (0) 2104/ 17- 632 28,

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